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Tupperware new Handy Grater has been specially engineered to give you a painless grating experience.It comes with an air tight locking seal which makes it easier to grate, store and even serve in the same container! Unique features such as the presence of recessed side on the grater allows juices to drain into dishes, adding to its utility and durability factor.

Handy Grater

Get this tumbler cum shaker to make time in your kitchen easier. Whip up and mix juices, shakes, cold coffees, marinades, salad dressings, and more in this attractive piece of kitchenware. The seal can be unhinged easily, making it easy to clean.

Quick Shake
 Want to welcome your guests with your homemade sweets or savoury snacks? Pack them off in these elegant bowls in dual colours. Clear and glass like in appearance these elegant bowls in dual colours are unbreakable and also double up as storage equipment. Your family will be able to see what has been stored in these bowls and can access them anytime. These are lightweight and are therefore easy to carry around too. They are freezer safe and available in a variety of colours

This Tupperware container is a one-step-solution for all your storage needs! The handy Keep n Serve is the perfect size to work as a leak-proof tiffin box to carry your lunch to work in, and the one-touch air-tight container makes sure your food is as fresh as it was when you packed it. The outer surface is textured to avoid scratches and finger marks, while the inside is polished for easy cleaning. The containers also take up minimal space in the refrigerator, and are easy to stack. 
Tupperware KeepnServe  
These cups are made of a very strong form of plastic and come with 2 little brown plates to place your chai biscuits or crackers in. Very economical, and highly recommended by our team of curators, this tea set is a delight to have around in the house. The set is safe to use, and very easy to clean after use.


This could be a perfect gift for your mother or wife to ensure that cooking becomes a smooth task for her and she does not have to spend too much time cleaning up later on. Tupperware magic Flow set of three containers with a special seal and slanted spout ensure that liquid can be poured out without dripping. Ergonomically designed body ensures that liquids like oil, flow out of the flask evenly and a small vent close to the spout even ensures that excess oil spilt on seal (if any) goes back into the container.

Tupperwares Vegetable Peeler is a handy tool that is specially engineered to give you an easy peeling experience. Designed to peel vegetables smoothly, it can also scoop out eyes and cuts from potatoes. You can also use this peeler to make beautiful slivers of dry fruits for garnishing and make your dishes more presentable. Its simple design and sleek body makes it easier for you to clean and store this handy peeler. With its bold red colour and smart design, peeling vegetables will no longer be a boring job!

A set of serving spoons from Tupperware designed for every Indian kitchen and dining table. The stir and serve set of handy spoons are heat resistant upto 200 degrees Celsius and can be used to cook with or to serve. They can be used in a variety of utensils and it will not scratch the bottoms when used. They are ideal to serve Indian dishes with, and the range of different spoon sizes helps you serve a variety of things such as gravies, raitas, dips, lentils, rice, vegetables or curries. Enjoy having the versatility of these spoons at your disposal in your kitchen.

Tupperware shakers comes with unique dual-sided seals. The bigger opening on one end allows you to spoon out larger quantities, while the other end makes for easy sprinkling. The ideal containers for spices, sugar, baking sprinkles and more, and you know your ingredients will stay fresh and moisture-free thanks to Tupperware air-tight seals. Safe for the dishwasher, the shakers come in an assortment of colours, dependent on availability. 

spice shakers

 While masalas are a must in any Indian kitchen, keeping them fresh and safe from moisture can be quite a task sometimes. This bright and colourful multi-masala box is specially designed to cater to your needs of storing masalas in an organised manner. It even adds a cute look with its bright colour to your kitchenware. The box has seven separate removable cups and a small utility spoon for convenient handling. Both sides of the box make for a comfortable grip. The dimension of the box is 24.8 cm D x 26.8 cm L x 7.8 cm H. Its capacity is up to 2.5 litres

Storing and serving has been made simpler with these versatile yet pretty Tupperware bowls. Ideal to serve cereals, salads, dessert or gravies with, these bowls look elegant in their moss green colour with white lids. Their distinctive design makes for easy grasping. The concentric circle designs on top of seals push down on the circles until seal snaps into place thereby erasing the fear of leakage. These airtight and liquid tight bowls make it easy to carry them while travelling too. The dimension of each bowl is 5.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height. The capacity of each bowl is 550 ml.

These Tupperware bowls could easily be the answer to your space problems. You can store and serve cooked food conveniently in these 2 litre bowls. The airtight and liquid tight seals keep the food fresh and prevent any spillage making them an ideal choice to take food for picnics or potlucks. These unbreakable bowls are easy to clean and maintain too. Comes in a set of two.

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